CloudQA’s Self-Healing Test Execution: The Future of Quality Assurance with ML

CloudQA’s Self-Healing Test Execution: The Future of Quality Assurance with ML Introduction: In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the reliability of web applications is paramount. Automated UI tests play a pivotal role in ensuring quality. However, they often grapple with challenges like shifting layouts and broken selectors, resulting in test failures and heightened maintenance efforts. In …

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Health Care Case Study

Our healthcare client is a leading company in the healthcare industry, focused on bridging siloed health data and enhancing patient care.

UI Regression Testing: Unlocking Its Potential for Your Brand

UI Regression Testing: Unlocking Its Potential for Your Brand I. Introduction User Interface (UI) is the first point of contact between users and your application or website. It serves as the gateway through which users interact with your product or service, thereby determining its overall usability and user experience. In the dynamic digital landscape, consistent …

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Load Testing

Case Study of CITI Program

In this case study, learn how a global SaaS product switched from Coded UI to CloudQA to get a comprehensive and robust web test automation platform.

CloudQA Demo

Scriptless Testing

The pace of software delivery increases every day. Today, we have a myriad of sophisticated frameworks, dev tools, web services, automation workflows, and so on to power modern applications that win customers. But how advanced are your QA processes?

Cypress Vs Selenium

Cypress vs Selenium​

From the vast list of automation testing tools available in the market, we will contend the two most promising tools that are contemplated as game-changers.
So here’s the million-dollar question: Whether Cypress is better than or a substitute for the most preferred web automation tool – Selenium?

QA Setup Process

How to set up QA processes that don’t suck!

“QA is a bottleneck!”
We often come across such a statement.
I was working with a startup offering travel services. They never had a QA process before I joined, and they wanted me to set up one soon.

Testing Tool

Better QA: Learning from unit testing standards

“Unit Testing” is a tricky affair. I am pretty sure that testers at some point in time would have complained about the developer not doing unit testing properly and delivered a poor quality build.

Bug Fixing

Bright-Interactive Case Study

Bright-Interactive is award-winning, feature-rich, intelligent digital asset management software that makes managing brand media seamless, whatever the size of the organization.

Codeless Testing

Codeless Testing: Everything You Should Know

Coding from scratch test after test is expensive, time-consuming and requires acquired skill. Codeless testing enables quick and simple creation of tests. No coding skills are needed. This allows the testers to focus on what they do best: testing.


Manual Testing vs Automation Testing : Keeping the balance Right!

If you are a tester, then you must have had a discussion around automated or manual testing. This is nothing new, and lots of techies have different views around this. Whether you are a big team and already established an automation framework or you are a small team, new to automation, it is always necessary to keep this balance right in order to get maximum efficiency.

Progressive Web App

Testing your PWA: Progressive Web Application

PWAs or Progressive Web Applications is quite a buzz in tech media. The increased number of mobile users and the App-like experience which it provides contributed a lot to its popularity.

But what is PWA and how is it different from native mobile apps? How PWA’s are developed and what are key points which a tester should keep in mind while testing it?