Case Study

Pulse Micro accelerates Functional Testing, Liberating more space for Innovation and Development

About Pulse Micro:

Pulse Microsystems Ltd. is the industry-leading developer of software for product personalization and apparel decoration creation and automation.
Pulse continues to create innovative software for a comprehensive range of personalization media, such as embroidery, direct to garment print, laser cutting and etching, rotary engraving, and more. Pulse has achieved continued success worldwide by spearheading the technologies behind emerging market trends.

Challenges faced:

Pulse Micro enables a lot of end-user customization. They provide the customized software to different vendors and so their customers can choose different personalizations and place orders. Testing the software before and after handing it over to the vendor is important. Not just that it has inhouse and onsite applications which have to be in sync when a product is ordered with personalizations. After deploying any new feature or adding new products to the site, Pulse Micro has to make sure that existing functionality is not affected and working fine.
It was difficult using manual testing to check the nook and corner of the application to make sure everything is working fine.
They have different API’s to place an order or generate an image file, they have to be separately tested and also along with manual tests which also consumes a lot of time.
Pulse Micro needed a comprehensive way to performs the API and Functional Tests together and separately

The Solution:

Using an automation tool like Selenium could be the solution but the time involved in hiring the resources, learning and maintaining the tests is deemed expensive. Pulse Micro had no time hiring a resource and designing a framework which suited their application.
CloudQA also offers Testing as a Service along with the Tool. This combination suits the best for any application as it provides in-house expertise who is well versed with Tool, who knows when and where to use the features more than anybody else.
Pulse Micro chose TAAS with CloudQA which saved them time and money. They selected CloudQA to automate their UI functional and end-to-end tests for Pulse ID and Shopify sites. CloudQA has capability to invoke the API tests within functional tests which makes the job easier.
CloudQA also integrated with Pulse Micro CI/CD which helps test the regression suite whenever the code is deployed to make sure the existing functionality worked fine. They also run other UI tests nightly in this clean environment to minimize environment interference.
CloudQA testing team also reduced the time by setting and maintaining the automation.

How did CloudQA setup tests

Define phases to automate tests
  • Pilot – Define high level systems and the tests that has to be performed
  • Phase 1 – goal: Automate first subset of tests, which forms environment level checks (Regression tests)
  • Phase 2 – Goal: Extension of regression tests
  • Phase 3 – Goal: Design suites as per the priority of tests
How efficiently tests are built
  • Tests are based on 2A’s(Actions and Assertions)
  • Tests are independent, can be tested across environments and different browsers
  • Screenshot for every step passed and failed for easy debugging
Run the Suites
  • Invoke the critical suites suing CI/CD pipeline
  • Schedule the suites and run them on demand

The Results:

  • Reduced bug rate
  • Shortened testing in release cycles
  • Reduced labor involved in UI testing time
  • Lowered monitoring and maintenance of UI tests

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