Introduction to TruRT

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Automated Regression & Functional Testing

What is TruRT?

A comprehensive cloud based functional & regression testing tool for web applications and offers an extremely user friendly codeless platform.  It provides a feature rich QA platform that you would expect from an enterprise testing tool offering data driven testing, CI/CD integrations, remote test executions, comprehensive test management & reporting, advanced notifications and more.  

TruRT provides a powerful combination of a web testing tool and an API testing tool.

Industry Leading API Testing Tool offered by Cloud QA

Precise and Reliable Website Monitoring Tools 

Execution Optimization

Test Scheduler – test at your convenience & without supervision

Manage your large & complex tests via Scheduler.

Test Tube

Multi-environment support

Create tests once and run on QA, Staging or any parallel environment without any effort.


Continuous QA

CloudQA API’s enable continuous integration (CI).

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Multi-browser support

Check if your application supports different browsers.



Parametrize your data using variables and use them within or across test cases

Data Driven

Data-drive anything in minutes

Data-drive any recorded scripts, with simple data-sources. Extend your test coverage dramatically.

Simulate think time

3rd Party integrations

Out of the box integration with tools like JIRA, CircleCI, Slack, etc and others via Zapier



Built in notifications via email, SMS, Slack and others.

Test Scripts

Team collaboration

Review, reuse, duplicate test scenarios created by team members.

FEATURE Overview

  • Cloud-based setup that is simple and gets you operational in minutes
  • Setup complex functional tests without coding in minutes
  • Re-use functional scripts for multiple tests – huge saving in QA time & effort
  • Complete control over worlkflow scripts and think time
  • Ability to use multiple datasets for each workflow
  • Multiple browser support
  • Enable continuous QA via API’s that can easily hook up to your CI/CD processes
  • Test your application on multiple browsers
  • API testing with a few clicks
  • Get page and performance metrics
  • Schedule your regrerssion test for any time and frequency
  • No expensive licensing or long term commitments

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