Accelerating Regression Testing with CloudQA

Scale test executions with easy to use automated CloudQA testing tool

Efficient and Simplified Testing Solutions from CloudQA

Optimize your regression testing process and ensure top-notch product quality quickly with CloudQA. Emulate actual user workflows on your application, mirroring precise customer behaviors.

With CloudQA’s advanced test execution engine and the intuitive, codeless interface of TruRT, enhance your regression testing strategy effortlessly, equipped with all the features essential for comprehensive enterprise web testing.

Switch between environments, select browsers, and upload files for data driven testing.

Data Driven Testing
cross testing

Cross browser testing

Enhance your web application’s performance with automated user-like workflow tests across real browsers.

Ensure thorough cross-browser testing, verifying key components like JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, and screen resolution for optimal compatibility and user experience.

data driven

Data driven testing

Utilize auto-generated templates from CloudQA for efficient data-driven testing.

Easily manage multiple datasets for a single test case, enabling dynamic data-driven strategies to add, delete, or modify information in any form.

maintain test

Maintain test cases

Effortlessly maintain and update test cases with CloudQA to adapt to changes in your application.

Reuse repeatable steps across different test cases for streamlined testing, and minimize the impact of CSS selector alterations.”

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Easy Usage

Easy Usage

Any person who knows the application and business can start automating tests. No scripting expertise required.
Fast Testing

Fast Testing

Reduced bottlenecks for faster releases. You can speed up testing cycles and allow QA to keep pace with development.​

Minimal Setup

Minimal Setup

Kickstart test automation with minimal setup on our low-cost and reliable Selenium cloud.

Quick Response

Quick Response

Reach out to our customer support executives for quick response and resolutions.

Data Driven

Data Driven

With our data-driven testing download auto-generated templates to create your test data. Upload multiple test-data for a test-case.

Cross platform

Cross Platform

Automate your web app’s tests with user-like workflows on real browsers. Switch between environments, select browsers, and upload a file for data driven testing.

Setup codeless test cases quickly with CloudQA

See how you can create your 1st automated test in less than 5 minutes

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