Simplify automated testing, Elevate Software Quality
With CloudQA, enhance test coverage, effortlessly maintain with self-healing automated tests, and accelerate your software releases
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Automated Testing with CloudQA

Transform Automated Testing with CloudQA: Experience Simplicity, Confidence, and Quality

Enhanced Test Coverage

Unlock the power of simplicity to expand test coverage in weeks, not months with CloudQA’s codeless automated tests. Feel the satisfaction of elevating the quality of your entire application while freeing up your team’s precious time.

Effortless Test Maintenance

CloudQA’s Self-healing AI powered test maintenance infuses confidence and excitement in your QA team to keep pace with your application’s dynamic changes. Eliminate frustrating flaky tests and embrace an effortless testing experience.

Easy Bug Resolution

Experience the certainty of reproducible bugs with undeniable proof. Easily debug failed tests with clear, visually intuitive steps, bridging the gap between QA and developers. The result? Accelerate bug fixes and software releases with a sense of confidence and collaboration.

Elevate Software Quality

Amplify testing operations with control, streamlined management and invaluable insights. It’s your path to achieving software excellence.


Install our extension to start recording tests in your browser. Type, click and interact with your site as you normally would and the recorder will capture all of your actions as you navigate your site. 

Manage tests with visual editor, as it creates a dynamic test model that can be easily updated to reflect changes in your application. Automate complex steps with simple JavaScript & select variable data sets.

No setup, no infrastructure & no lock-in. High volume parallel, scalable & collaborative testing in cloud. Out of the box support for legacy & latest web technologies. See live execution of your tests, share summary & detailed reports with screenshots.

What Sets CloudQA Apart?

In the world of software development, testing is a critical phase that can either be a bottleneck or a strategic accelerator. Here's a glimpse of what our users experienced before and after embracing CloudQA:

Before CloudQA

After CloudQA

⏳ Time-Consuming​

 Testing was time-consuming and repetitive, especially for UI testing.

🕒Speedy Testing

 Time-saving automation with a user-friendly UI and easy test case generation.

⚙️ Sprint Automation

 Scrum teams faced challenges in achieving in-sprint automation, requiring technical resources for automation.

🔎 Comprehensive Capabilities

 Comprehensive automation capabilities, including data-driven testing and API testing.

💼 Resource Drain

 Manual regression testing consumed valuable resources and time.

🚀 Quality Confidence

 Improved confidence in the application’s quality with consistent and repeatable tests.

❓Lack of Confidence

 Lack of confidence in the application’s quality due to limitations in testing coverage.

🌐 Cross-platform Coverage

 Increased test coverage across browsers and platforms with the automation tool.

🧑‍💻 Technical Barrier

 Coding skills were required for test automation, limiting accessibility to non-technical team members.

🤝 Code-Free Accessibility

 Reduced dependency on coding, making it accessible to non-developers and non-technical users.

🔄️ Scenario Reusability

 Test cases were not easily reusable across different scenarios.

☁️ Cloud-Based Testing

 Quick access and cloud-based testing capabilities with minimal installation required.

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