The fastest way to automated web testing

Smart & easy test maintenance keeping pace with your application changes
Repeatable and consistent Selenium test execution in cloud

Empower your functional

From "Sign up" to Automation in 5 minutes!

Codeless test authoring

Install our extension to start recording tests in your browser. Type, click and interact with your site as you normally would. The recorder will capture all of your actions as you navigate your site.No worrying about complexities like nested iFrames or dynamic elements. You can then set assertions that will be checked to determine if the test has passed.

Intuitive and Intelligent test maintenance

Manage tests with visual editor, as it creates a dynamic test model that can be easily updated to reflect changes in your application. Automate complex steps with simple JavaScript & select variable data sets. Switch between environments & browsers with a button click.

Automation Accelerators

No setup, no infrastructure & no lock-in. High volume parallel, scalable & collaborative testing in cloud. Out of the box support for legacy & latest web technologies. See live execution of your tests, share summary & detailed reports with screenshots. Integrate with your tech stack and setup custom notifications.

Take a look inside CloudQA

So, why would you consider CloudQA?

If you are a Selenium user, it is

  • Automatic waits for dynamic and asynchronous elements
  • Smart CSS selector algorithm for elements with changing IDs
  • Consistency in test execution by dockerized environments
  • No more test-labs, get out of the box Selenium infrastructure
  • Quick transition from Manual to Automated testing
  • Higher returns from day one

If creating tests is complex & taking long

Now you can do it in

  • Create complex tests fast
  • Test recorder that works for all SPA's & frameworks like Ember, React, Angular, Knockout & more
  • Consistency in test execution by dockerized environments

If managing & running regression test is an issue

Run regression test suite with

  • Speed up your software release cycle. Parallel processing will allow you to get results in minutes rather than hours
  • Integrate your regression suite with your CI/CD process
  • Schedule the regression testst to run remotely and get auto notifications

If you worry about application performance

Integrated can be setup & run in minutes

  • Leverage your functional tests for load tests
  • Simulate hundreds of REAL users
  • Generate load from different regions

If there are concerns about application in a live environment

will measure user experience

  • Constantly monitor critical workflows of your application in LIVE environment
  • Get alerts on workflows failures or performance degradation
  • API monitoring included

Small QA teams from large enterprises, national governments and rising startups rely on us to deliver quality software

Seamless integrations with your existing tech stack

Travis CI

Do you require Testing as a Service? We can help.

Planning & Strategy

Through a Test Discovery process, we will identify what % of your site can be automated for testing. Even 50% coverage through test automation can save you huge amounts of time and money

Design & Develop

Once we discuss about the critical areas of your application and your goals, we will design and develop the test cases and scenarios that meet your requirements

Test & Deliver

We will run the tests for you and provide detailed reports and statistics of the results. We will also provide recommendations for improving your development and test process.

Moving manual testers to DevOps chain with Codeless testing

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