Codeless testing, often searched for as “automation without code,” is like recording user actions on an application and playing them back automatically. Although termed “codeless,” it occasionally requires minimal coding for specific scenarios. This testing method is a trending solution for testers needing to accelerate software releases in today’s fast-paced tech world.

At CloudQA, we’ve expanded the horizons of codeless testing. Beyond the standard User Interface (UI) tests, which many associate with codeless testing, we also employ it for performance checks and load testing. The ability to reuse a single test in multiple scenarios is a game-changer, offering both efficiency and comprehensive coverage.

FAST TEST AUTOMATION: Key to Efficient Testing
In the world of codeless test automation, the focus shifts from coding expertise to functional knowledge. By utilizing your team’s functional expertise, you can achieve more reliable and quality-driven testing. CloudQA aims to simplify your transition from manual to automated testing, catering to testers at all skill levels.

We leverage record and playback testing tool and a feature rich SaaS platform. This aims at relieving your pains related to scripted test automation. 


Quickly convert your end-to-end web testing process to run over 80% faster and accurate now. 

LOW LEARNING CURVE  – Get Started with CloudQA Easily
CloudQA offers an intuitive user environment. If you know how to navigate a web browser, you’re already equipped to use our platform, making it a low-barrier entry point for automated testing.

Highly Flexible Testing Environment – Adapt to Various Testing Needs
Built on top of Selenium, CloudQA provides an additional layer of convenience and focus, allowing you to concentrate on your testing requirements. This balance of structure and flexibility ensures that you can handle a wide array of testing complexities with ease.

Enhanced Collaboration for Teams – CloudQA Promotes Teamwork
CloudQA’s easy-to-use features facilitate effective team collaboration. Our platform encourages the involvement of various team members, including business analysts, project managers, and developers, in the testing process.

Codeless Testing

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