TruMonitor Features

What your users may never tell you

Unforseen experiences that users encounter


Unexpected status codes

Frequent updates without a sound testing can leave your web app vulnerable to unexpected page errors like 404, 403, 500, 502, 503.

Functional errors

Poor coding will result in functional errors that can go undetected during manual tests like incorrect search results, accepting invalid data input.

loading forever

Long loading times

Server-side issues or coding inefficiencies are a common cause for sluggish performance. Pages take long time to load or sometimes even time out.

Major problems Seen in user navigation

Failed Web Forms

Unresponsive Features

Page Performance

Faulty Shopping Carts

Glitchy Web Elements

Geographic Performance

Login Forms

Broken login forms frustrates users. They should be accessible 24/7. Monitor login form interactions constantly for availability and performance. Be the first to know whenever it breaks.

eCommerce Checkouts

When it comes to e-Commerce websites, uptime is money. Critical business features like shopping carts, payment modules, order confirmations has to run smoothly. CloudQA can monitor them and other critical pages for availability and performance.

Business Critical Functions

Modern web applications depend on unique interactions to provide users with a great experience. From forms, to search, ERP, SaaS applications and JavaScript/Ajax elements, CloudQA helps you stay in sync with your website transactions.

How TruMonitor can help you

Find broken or slow site interactions before your customers do.

TruMonitor Dashboard

Record any user journey on your web application without coding.  It takes only minutes.

Stimulate such user journeys with real browsers –  Chrome and Firefox.

Run monitoring for user journeys with a customizable frequency.

Monitor with various geographical locations and altering data inputs. 

Get real-time availability and performance metrics on a dashboard.

Drill down on various levels – overall application, user journey or page level metrics.

Track down individual incidents of page errors or performance issues.

Add prefered mode of communication to receive instant alerts for issues.

Integrate with applications used by your DevOps. 

Send detailed and interactive reports with a shareable link.

See screenshots at every step of user interaction.  It allows you to see why a problem occurred.

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