Amplify synthetic monitoring with TruMonitor

TruMonitor Features

Amplify synthetic monitoring with TruMonitor

Scale synthetic monitoring at speed. Generate tests for complex workflows with ease. Assess performance on real browsers, from around the world.

TruMonitor has intelligent cloud agents for synthetic monitoring multi-page workflows by simulating complete customer journey and alert whenever performance metrics drop below your expectations.

Codeless workflow generation

Record user-like actions on web elements and generate single page or a multi page workflows in minutes. Use them for synthetic monitoring immediately.

Monitor website with real browsers

Perform synthetic monitoring on real browsers. 

Discover the variations in functionality, availability, and response time measures.

Location based website monitoring

Setup synthetic monitoring from different locations around the world. 

Monitor your application’s regional behaviour for uptime and render time.

Get more meaningful insights than just 200 OK. Uncover hidden defects in a web application’s workflow that ruin user experience.

Set up a workflow in minutes!

Manage false alarms

Rest easy and avoid the spurious false alarms. Re-test instantly on error conditions to eliminate erroneous results.

Monitor website at all levels

Gain the flexibility of monitoring uptime, downtime, response time, render time, single/multi page monitor, and API monitoring.

Empower your DevOps with TruMonitor.

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