Test Your Applications on Multiple Real Browsers

Check If Your Application Supports Different Browsers

Cross browser testing is to ensure consistent behavior for the end-user across browsers, devices, and OS. You’d want to test for only those browsers which are which bring the most traffic. Yet it’s often the biggest pain point for testers. Hence, simple solution is desirable. CloudQA provides out of the box cross browser testing support. You can see how your page(s) look in different browsers. Simply provide the URL(s) and CloudQA will run in the background and access the page(s) via multiple browsers. We also support mobile Chrome emulator for testing. Not just regression testing: we also support synthetic monitoring and load testing for any test cases you generate.

Page & Performance Metrics

CloudQA will show you not only the screen shots of your page from each browser, but also provide other valuable information like performance metrics for each browser, page resource graph and HTML5 validation.
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Cross browser Testing