Ditch the Costly Setup: Go Cloud with Our Testing Tools

A Flexible and Easy-to-Use Test Environment

Switching to cloud-based testing means you can forget about buying and managing tons of hardware. Whether you need to run just one test or several at the same time, CloudQA has you covered. Our cloud environment lets you test across different platforms and real web browsers.

What makes CloudQA special? We offer more than just code-free testing. Our tools give you a range of test metrics, like API testing and Synthetic Monitoring, to help you get a full picture of your software’s performance.

Get More Out of Your Tests with CloudQA

Not only can you measure how well your software works (functional metrics), but you can also see how fast it runs (performance metrics). The best part? You can use the same set of tests for different kinds of testing. That means you can do more with less effort.

Zero Hassle for Infrastructure and Maintenance

Say goodbye to software purchases, infrastructure setup, infrastructure and software patch management and the headaches associated with ensuring uptime of your test infrastructure. Cloud based test environment makes it easy for you to run tests.

Cloud based testing