Case Study

Teletrac Navman Case Study

Teletrac Navman is a SaaS product company headquartered in Southern California with offices in the United Kingdom. It provides cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software that’s being used to track 250,000+ vehicles in 87 countries.

Before CloudQA

Teletrac Navman has distributed teams, working from countries in different time zones. So the coordination of teams is a must.

But using Coded UI for web test automation came with a lot of hassles:

  • Coded UI, a deprecated UI-driven functional testing tool was deprecated in 2019.
  • It was becoming outdated for the rapidly upgrading of web technologies.
  • Moreover, Teletrac Navman couldn’t manage global operations using Coded UI due to a lack of collaboration features.
  • Testing more than one region at the same time was an unsolved issue.
  • Test automation with Coded UI was time-consuming and required a lot of scripting.
  • Coded UI has good support for IE but performed inadequately for all other browsers.

Journey with CloudQA

Teletrac Navman was looking to move from Coded UI to Selenium for testing. But shifting to Selenium would have taken a lot of time and resources.

CloudQA came with everything they required. Teletrac Navman could work with:

  • Selenium cloud, cross-browser testing, minimal test code dependencies, and an intuitive UI making automated tests maintenance simpler.
  • Real-time coordination between global team members was established.
  • Multiple users were able to generate test cases and test the application at the same time.
  • The critical integrations with the TFS Application pipeline (Azure DevOps)  and Jenkins for auto-triggering of tests and deployment upon success.
  • And integration with Apache Subversion (SVN).


Teletrac Navman teams could collaborate globally. Regression testing automation is much faster with great reliability.

With CloudQA, team could set up a CI/CD pipeline in no time. Multiple environments setup made the life easy to maintain different variables for each environment. Hence re-use of same tests against the different environments was possible. Regression testing and release process was completely automated.

Teletrac Navman found CloudQA to be the best Coded UI alternative.

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