Healthcare Client Case Study


Our healthcare client is a leading company in the healthcare industry, focused on bridging siloed health data and enhancing patient care.


The healthcare client was tasked with developing and maintaining various applications for the Department of Health. This required creating more than 300 test cases to ensure the applications’ reliability. They also needed to conduct ongoing regression testing on these systems.

The project encompassed six applications, some of which were accessible over the Internet, while others were not. Executing over 500 regression test cases manually across different environments posed a significant challenge for their testing team.

To overcome these hurdles, the healthcare client sought a cost-effective solution that was easy to install and configure, scalable, and capable of supporting cross-browser and cross-environment testing without requiring coding or scripting.


The healthcare client found a suitable solution in CloudQA, a cost-effective Testing as a Service (TaaS) platform aligned with their evolving needs. CloudQA offers fully automated testing capabilities, including different browsers testing, API testing, regression testing, and data-driven testing out-of-the-box.


The healthcare client collaborated with CloudQA to strategize their testing approach based on their applications, different environments, and release cycles.

CloudQA segregated the tests into four categories:

  • API Tests
  • Functional Feature Tests
  • End-to-End Tests
  • Negative Tests

Each application was equipped with approximately 70 automated tests, configured to run on two environments:

  • Regular runs on DEV Environment
  • Alternate-day runs on STAGE Environment

The test suite comprised 280 tests that took around 2 hours to complete. Test results were promptly shared with the team on Slack and stored in the client’s workspace for future reference by Business and Development teams.

Failures were categorized into two types:

  • Application issues: Errors identified in the application were immediately communicated to the team, enabling swift resolution and saving valuable time.
  • Application changes: As the application continuously evolved, CloudQA adapted the tests accordingly, taking approximately 1-2 hours to fix the tests depending on the scope of changes. Additional tests were also added to cover new features.

CloudQA implemented negative tests for both API and functional automated tests to explore all possible application scenarios. Additionally, CloudQA integrated with the healthcare client’s CI/CD pipeline, ensuring tests were executed before deployment to validate the application’s stability.


The initial investment of time in creating a library of repeatable test cases yielded significant benefits. The team observed a substantial increase in the speed of fully regression testing applications, leading to faster production releases. The frequency of production defects was reduced significantly due to test automation. The healthcare client reported cost savings in testing resources and improved ability to pursue new opportunities.
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