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Case Study

Bright-Interactive Case Study

About Bright-Interactive:

Bright-Interactive is award-winning, feature-rich, intelligent digital asset management software that makes managing brand media seamless, whatever the size of the organization.

Customer’s digital files are centrally stored and are secure, searchable and easily accessible by anyone you choose – fast.

Challenges faced:

As any company Bright-Interactive ensuring the quality of the production application remained high, i.e. as free from defects as possible. They primarily wanted to eliminate laborious manual testing of the application in staging before pushing code changes to production as manual testing was time-consuming Customers were noticing defects on production. While the team supported a variety of different test automation functions, they never had enough time to invest in automating the User Interface level testing. The team considered Selenium and experimented with it.

The Solution:

Bright-Interactive believes that everyone on the team should be able to write tests and own code quality. Bright-Interactive’s R&D team members analyzed different tools in the market and picked up CloudQA quickly, using it for frontend test automation coverage.

Bright-Interactive was able to create a UI regression suite that gave the team confidence knowing when developers have ‘broken’ existing functionality so they could fix it as soon as possible while allowing them to add, expand, and grow without investing a ton of resources into their UI test automation. The regression test suite is extremely valuable for the app development team as it serves as a safety net they can rely on when they make changes that break things.

Bright-Interactive is now working to leverage CloudQA to not only help with code-coverage but run various test cases in production, thus giving us an app-level production monitoring to mitigate production malfunctions, above & beyond code regressions.

The Results:

Bright-interactive’s team ran for quite some time by doing UI level testing manually. To keep up with customer demands meanwhile, without slowing down their daily releases.

Earlier Bright Interactive would occasionally have a regression at the UI level that forced the team to stop working and go back and fix the issues. Now the team can find the problems quickly and react to them faster, giving them more coverage without slowing down the development pace.

Now with CloudQA they can create tests at a faster pace and can be created by developers and non-developers. Now the quality of the product is maintained, increased in deployment velocity and greater customer satisfaction.

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Health Care

Case Study

Continuous Automation Case Study

Client Context:

A leading national healthcare client in the US. Four applications were in scope for test automation. All the regression testing was earlier being done manually.

Scope of Work:

  • Automated Testing of all the four applications
  • Executed the project in Agile SDLC
  • Defect tracking has been done using JIRA Tool
  • Selenium accelerator custom platform built with .NET core and using Progressive automation testing approach, started with early automation
  • Middleware test automation executed to find defects at the API level

Business Challenge/ Driver:

  • High number of tickets planned for Weekly/Bi-Weekly release cycle which has to be verified across browsers/devices for four integrated web application
  • Regression testing to be automated with all manual regression to be automated
  • Performing regression tests across various browsers/ platforms
  • All the projects run in agile mode, frequent production releases, hence shorter test cycles
  • Identify and resolve production issues in a timely manner

CloudQA Solution/ Approach:

Using a codeless robust automation platform using Selenium 3.4 & .NET core integrated with Travis (CI Tool) with exhaustive test reporting

  • Found defects early in the project life cycle reducing the overall cost spent on the project
  • Key workflows, as well as time-consuming test scenarios, are automated
  • Continuous integration/ continuous development (CI/CD) automated regression suite
  • Monitoring critical flows in production every 15 minutes to provide timely notifications about any functional or performance issues in Slack

Service level tests created for testing REST based middleware

Cross browser testing – Used the automated regression suite to test the application across browsers enabling user confidence across all the browsers right

Benefits Delivered:

  • The automation platform is being extended/ customized for other applications of the Client and has been integrated with Travis CI Tool for automated runs
  • Continuous regression through CI/CD Automation framework reduces the efforts of repetitive functional tests prerequisites and expedites overall functional test execution
  • Continuous Integration helps in faster identification and resolution of defects, with a good reporting structure
  • Ensures optimized testing while maximizing test coverage
  • CI/CD enables testing teams to release deployable software at any point in time with the automatic build and compilation processes.
  • Test results archived for auditing and analysis purpose through a test report server
  • Meantime to repair for production issues improved significantly


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Case Study

How HDFC Life improved user experience for 3.5 Million monthly active users

HDFC Life’s goal is to provide an optimal user experience when customers shop for insurance online. Being an insurance leader, HDFC Life offers large number of insurance products with multiple features. They have over 50 types of insurance products, premium calculators, payment gateways and user accounts on their web portal. But keeping a check on the frequent application changes and how it affected the end users was a challenge for the team. By using a combination of regression testing and synthetic monitoring solutions provided by CloudQA, HDFC Life was able to overcome several issues, taking the user experience to the next level.

In doing so HDFC Life was able to:

  • Generate any critical user workflow required for monitoring in under 10 minutes
  • Monitor the application over real browsers that gave them insights into real user experience
  • Get precise information on where and why an issue occurred
  • Create consistent and detailed reports
  • Gain control over performance goals

CloudQA team constantly speak with the four team members who manage synthetic monitoring at HDFC LIfe. When it came to a monitoring approach, their team lead was most concerned with easy management of critical workflows, integration of the approach in the current tech stack, customizable execution and reporting. A few issues (that many can relate to) and how the HDFC Life team overcame them are mentioned below:

Tangled in code

For HDFC Life, writing workflow scripts had become a roadblock to scale their monitoring operations. Moreover, the piled up workflow scripts were getting unmanageable. CloudQA’s TruMonitor was just the tool that  the team needed. They were able to transform their web monitoring from a coded to a codeless web monitoring environment in a matter of days. The team was able to save a lot of time in creating and maintaining the workflows. They were able to create and maintain 87 workflows in a week which would otherwise have taken them months to achieve!

“We had great experience with CloudQA. It is a very helpful tool to easily automate workflows and requires very little coding knowledge. It also has many features that makes our work easier. The support team is very helpful and provides updates on any issues raised, promptly.”, says Felix, QA responsible for web monitoring on HDFC Life.

Heavy web pages

It is very important for HDFC Life to measure the browser behavior when a potential customer is going through an insurance purchase journey on their platform. They have client-heavy web pages and want to get the best possible behavioral insights on popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and IE. HDFC Life found that CloudQA was the only tool that was able to achieve this. CloudQA offered a monitoring approach via real browsers which gave them the precise performance insights they were looking for.

Fast response

HDFC Life required some integration work to customize the alerts and notifications generated by CloudQA. Our team implemented their requirements to integrate TruMonitor with PagerDuty in a matter of days.  This low turnaround time along with a responsive support team has won a ton of appreciation from HDFC Life.


Performance improvement of an online web application like HDFC Life is not an optional task. You have to put in a lot of effort into it. To manage performance effectively, it is crucial to ensure that your goals are specific, measurable, and achievable in a realistic timeframe. With the help of TruMonitor, the team at HDFC Life uses data to know the impact on performance in a timely manner and takes corrective actions before thousands of their users are affected which in turn, can impact their decision to purchase insurance online.

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Getmeashop (Get-me-a-shop) takes care of digital requirements of an eCommerce site so that businesses can focus on their passion. It offers a DIY eCommerce website that takes care of the essential online requirements. Supporting over 50,000 businesses, it has a large community of entrepreneurs who aspire to grow.

For Getmeashop, assuring a quality eCommerce platform is more than a standard requirement; it an accountability that can’t be overlooked for any kind of software function. Even tiny glitches can grow into intolerable, bad user-experience, bringing a poor reputation to their clients and ultimately for the company.

The complexity of assuring quality increased with the scale of development required, on demands of the competitive eCommerce market.

Testing was more crucial than development. Getmeashop had to make sure that its website created by its users delivered a consistent, rich user experience across browsers and devices.

Getmeashop needed to:

  • Test different themes and verify that all the themes are working as expected
  • Test various combinations of promotion codes and discounts on a daily basis
  • Test Getmeashop Dashboard with respect to store, and check all the operations performed on Dashboard are reflecting in the Getmeashop store
  • Test social media to sell the products in the store
  • Test the working of Shopping Cart, Checkout journey, and post-purchase interactions among others

Manual testing the above functionalities before every release were not only tedious for a tester but also brought risks of missing software bugs regularly.

Getmeashop required an automated testing tool. Except, none offered a solution to scale fast and retain an easy, low-cost maintenance that came with CloudQA. From day-one, they were able to start and automate regression tests, get alerts for any impact on the store with respect to development.

With CloudQA, Getmeashop was able to:

  • Empower their team to scale testing
  • Consistently test against real browsers used by their customers
  • Save time by scheduling all the Test cases in Test Suite