User Experience

As a product based firm CloudQA often in its demo sessions is hit by a query – How do you assure quality to the digital audience each time? Our answer is simple – We value user experience more than the code.  Our testing approach is user-centric, and if research shows users are deviating from the traditional approach, we improvise and align our testing strategy with them.  Our Review and Fixtures models make sure to explore the product development Lifecycle, fix the testing approach and rearrange the components. How?

Read on to know How We do it…

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Cyber threats and data security are one of the first concern of any firm. As an organization, what do you do to save yourselves from cyber threat? Firewalls? Anti-virus? Or Setting up processes and educating employees? Hiring a security firm to audit your processes and conduct penetration testing?  What else could be done to prevent Black Hat Hackers?

Have you ever thought of asking your QA team to explore the vulnerabilities of your system in an ethical manner?

We @CloudQA give you top five reasons to do so –

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Synthetic Monitoring

Our last article on Load Testing mentioned about website crash happening due to high traffic. So how does the website owner know if the website has crashed? Thanks to different techniques of Application Performance Monitoring[APM] such issues could either be reported in Real-time or may not even surface because of Synthetic/Active monitoring. Our current post would talk about Why customers need Synthetic Monitoring and how our solution Site Monitoring @CloudQA could help our customers to measure and optimize website performance. Let’s get started-

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Load Testing

Quite recently when “Move to Canada” was a trending term, Canada’s immigration website crashed. Not long ago, in India, during peak hours the rail booking site used to crash every day. In 2015, retailers had a tough time on Black Friday and Cyber Mondays when most of the retail websites crashed.

The above instances reflect a hard-core reality – Load Testing is part and parcel of SDLC or any product lifecycle. That’s why we @CloudQA offer a simple yet efficient Load testing strategy to test an application under Zero-load or high-load scenarios.

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