Twitter is over capacity

We need performance testing make sure that our websites load as fast as possible. There are a few reasons why you need to test your website speed and make sure that your site is loading fast: Visitor Retention or Conversion Rate Your website visitors (who are mostly potential clients) will not stay around waiting for a website to load.

There are plenty of other fast-loading websites out there the serve up the same information, products and services. To make sure that your competition doesn’t capture your customers, make sure you don’t give them a reason to leave your website.

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The Selenium IDE is a record and playback testing tool. A Tester can use it to create test scripts without coding and export them (to Selenium WebDriver) for executing the test. It simplified generating test cases, but due to growing intricacies of web technologies and lack of resources for support, Selenium IDE’s development was shut down.

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Pros & Cons Web Testing Tools

Often teams choose an automation tool in a hurry without going into details of its pros and cons. The tool may not be comprehensive enough to satisfy all the testing needs of the application. Even if the best tools are selected they may not integrate smoothly into the QA process. We have highlighted pros and cons of best open source testing tools that give more clarity on knowing their suitability.

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SaaS or Software as a Service model is increasingly becoming popular. Thanks to its features like – quick deployment, reduced dependency on internal systems, an increase in availability, reliability of resource and most importantly low upfront costs, it serves as the best choice. However, looking at the flip side, the companies are under immense pressure to release new features at a fast pace. Adapting agile methodology for development and testing has helped the businesses, but has also come with the challenges – the need to deliver quality software. So, what could be done? How can you assure the quality of the software yet make a quick delivery?

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