CI/CD Best Practices

Agile methodologies teach breaking down of software development into smaller tasks known as “User Stories”. This has enabled early feedbacks which are useful for aligning the features with market needs. With the widespread adoption of agile practices, teams are able to deliver functional software in smaller iterations.

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why automate functional testing of web application

When you have a commercial web application, you are always challenged to remain competitive.  You are constantly under pressure to rollout new features for your clients. While software developers have adopted agile methodologies to speed up software release cycles, this  process can leave your web application vulnerable to bugs. In such case, to what extent can you validate the reliability of all functionalities? I’ll share some of my experiences and examples to show you how automated tests are crucial to stay ahead of the competition.

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RPA Test Automation

Is RPA a testing tool? Is Test Automation similar to RPA? Could Selenium be used for RPA? Does a Robot do RPA execution? How could RPA be utilized in testing? With RPA evolving could testers lose their job? Is RPA based on Agile?

To answer all such questions, we’ve come up with a post to debunk all myths and highlight the facts of RPA and test automation. Let’s get started with an introduction to RPA.

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Automation Testing

Where do we fit the Automation into our SDLC was one of the questions raised by a prospective client? Do you have the same impression?

Many of us believe automation to be simply a part of QA phase of the SDLC, but to achieve the desired results automation must follow the complete cycle of its own known as Automation Lifecycle or ATLC i.e. a loop inside a loop. Let’s dig it further to know How, what, when why of ATLC –

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