Automation Testing

Where do we fit the Automation into our SDLC was one of the questions raised by a prospective client? Do you have the same impression?

Many of us believe automation to be simply a part of QA phase of the SDLC, but to achieve the desired results automation must follow the complete cycle of its own known as Automation Lifecycle or ATLC i.e. a loop inside a loop. Let’s dig it further to know How, what, when why of ATLC –

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Test Automation

Automation is now a phenomenon! One click booking, Auto-filters, interconnected and automated appliances,etc. are now anessential part of our living. While consumers enjoy automation to ease their stressful life, test automation could offer peace of mind to many founders and CXO’s of the firms.  While many believe test automation is to make a QA person life simpler, it also extends its advantages to other stakeholders. Need to know how? Let’s explore –

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Test Automation

Test Automation is a strategic decision influenced by myths and facts. However, firms need to understand any test automation is an investment, which has its assumptions and a strategy, stressing the need to measure the ROI. But what are the factors that influence ROI? Are there any assumptions? Is there a formula to devise? Are there any tools like Test Automation ROI Calculator? Is there a range that dictates my test automation suite is healthy once ROI is calculated? To these questions and more @CloudQa is here to help you

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Predictive Analysis in Quality Assurance

What kind of QA person are you? Reactive or Proactive? Let’s take a quiz to find out; please answer YES/NO to each of the questions below –

  1. Do you start QA cycle only when the code is available in QA?
  2. Do you review your code after every stage of the SDLC?
  3. Do you log bugs in every stage before moving the code to the next stage?
  4. Do you create the QA environment as conveyed by the Developers/ Product management?
  5. Do you only update your regression suite when a high priority bug is caught is production?
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