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What is Synthetic Monitoring and Why use it

Synthetic Monitoring is a simulation of user actions on a web application in order to record functional and performance metrics. The user actions can be simulated for various web browsers and geographical locations. Monitoring is then configured to run at regular intervals which enables continuous analysis.

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How HDFC Life improved user experience for 3.5 Million monthly active users

HDFC Life’s goal is to provide an optimal user experience when customers shop for insurance online. Being an insurance leader, HDFC Life offers large number of insurance products with multiple features. They have over 50 types of insurance products, premium calculators, payment gateways and user accounts on their web portal. But keeping a check on the frequent application changes and how it affected the end users was a challenge for the team. By using a combination of regression testing and synthetic monitoring solutions provided by CloudQA, HDFC Life was able to overcome several issues, taking the user experience to the next level.

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Benefits of Managed Testing with CloudQA

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Progressive Web App

Testing your PWA: Progressive Web Application

PWAs or Progressive Web Applications is quite a buzz in tech media. The increased number of mobile users and the App-like experience which it provides contributed a lot to its popularity.

But what is PWA and how is it different from native mobile apps? How PWA’s are developed and what are key points which a tester should keep in mind while testing it?

Why you can’t ignore test planning in agile?

An agile development process seems too dynamic to have a test plan. Most organisations with agile, specially startups, don’t take the documented approach for testing. So, are they losing on something?


Selenium 4 is releasing soon: What every QA must know?

Selenium 4 version is all set to release this Christmas. Simon Stewart (founding member of Selenium) has officially announced at the recently held selenium conference at Bangalore. Some major changes in the upcoming Selenium 4 have been revealed.