Managed Testing Services

Our managed testing service can save you over 50% in time and cost

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Fast track your testing process

As testing specialists, CloudQA can be your ideal partner in speeding up your application development and deployment efforts. You can focus on your core strengths of building your product and leave the testing to us. With managed testing, you get

  • Access to specialists with years of QA experience
  • Complete test coverage
  • Objective & unbiased test results
  • Fast turnaround
  • Suggestions on product improvement
  • Highly flexible & scalable environment
Benefits of Managed Testing

CloudQA’s managed testing services will eliminate multiple hurdles associated with setting up an effective test environment. You

  • Eliminate setting up testing infrastructure, processes and governance models
  • Have no need to hire test specialists
  • Have no software licenses to deal with
  • Become highly cost efficient – pay only for what you consume

We can assist you with high quality testing at a low cost and quickly get you jump started with your testing needs. SEND US A NOTE IN THE MESSAGE BOX BELOW.

Customized Testing

We can deal with complex testing requirements. CloudQA provides custom solutions for organizations that have:

  • Complex Application Setup
  • Large Application Environment
  • In-premise Test Hosting Requirements
  • Multiple Application Testing

Managed Testing Service is highly effective and reasonable

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