Load Testing

Improve load testing with TruLoad

Website performance testing that does more than load testing at a protocol level. Carry performance testing for user-like workflows on your web application with real browsers. Get the complete picture of the application-level load behaviour.

Get insights with TruLoad’s UX-driven load test to estimate response times and render times.

Codeless workflow generation

Record user-like actions on web elements and generate single page or a multi page workflows in minutes. Use them for load testing immediately.

Load test with real browsers

Unlike conventional load testing tools, TruLoad tests load with real browsers to give a more accurate picture of the workflow performance.

Go beyond load testing at protocol level. Know your web application’s performance with user-like workflows on real browsers.

Set up a workflow in minutes!

UX-driven load testing

TruLoad’s load testing allows you to map your web application’s performance along the user journey.

Load test with multiple locations

Unlike conventional load testing tools you can scale your tests by selecting various geographical locations.

Export to JMeter

Convert workflow scripts to JMeter scripts in minutes for virtual browser testing.

Analysis performance for magnitude of user-like actions.

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