Introduction to TruLoad

What is TruLoad?

A cloud based load testing tool for website stress test.   Load test  website applications with upto 200 concurrent simulated users using real browsers and your real workflows.


Easy to setup workflow creator

Create complex functional workflow scripts in minutes and immediately use them for performance tests.


UX-driven performance tests in real browsers

Uniquely test your application the way users see them and use them.

Website Load Test - CloudQA, Website Stress Test - CloudQA

Highly optimized low cost load testing

Cloud based load agents are highly optimized for performance and cost.


Real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics

Find bottlenecks quickly using our rich reporting tools that coveres critical metrics for all your tests.

Render Time

Measure render time

Unlike virtual browser load testing, with real browsers you can measure how long it takes for a user to see an entire page, or a particular element on a page.

Data Driven

Data-drive anything in minutes

TruLoad uniquely allows you to data-drive any recorded scripts, with simple data-sources. 

 Extend your test coverage dramatically and simulate thousands of different users acting differently.

Simulate think time

Simulate think time

The time users spend reading pages or inputing data is automatically configured during real browser recordings. During load testing the browser will pause to simulate user actions like reading the page.


Support for WebDriver scripting

Need to do something that’s not currently supported? You can always write your own javascript to interact with WebDriver.

Test Scripts


Real browsers insulate the tester from back-end communications. so that they can concentrate on validating and measuring the user experience.