What is Testing as a Service ( TaaS )?

TaaS stands for Testing as a Service. In other words, it is an outsourcing model, in which a service provider, rather than employees, performs testing activities. In the past year, TaaS has demonstrated significant benefits over traditional testing environments. The biggest advantage of using TaaS is that it is a highly scalable model. As it is a cloud-based delivery model, enterprises and small companies don’t have to bother themselves with free space for servers, etc.

Surging costs, high-security environments, and software sourcing variability has made the software testing function challenging for most software companies. In such an environment, it is vital to assess and implement the right methodologies to achieve scaling, minimize costs and offer improved services. Lots of businesses around the world achieve reduced costs and improved service for their IT test requirements. By using a consumption-based pay model, there is less risk and higher ROI.


Testing As A Service

CEO, VP of Engineering, Product Manager, QA Manager – it doesn’t matter what your position is, TaaS fits the needs of the company of any size. There are loads of activities TaaS can be used for in the company just like yours:

  1. Functional testing
  2. Load / Stress testing
  3. Performance and Benchmark testing
  4. Regression testing

Is TaaS something that your company needs?

Long story short – YES and here’s why… Unlike Facebook or Google, you probably don’t have the luxury to test your product on real customers. Companies like those can perform hundreds of hours of manual QA testing or real user monitoring every week. Making non-technical workers and customers testers is a great idea, but unfortunately, this method doesn’t work for 99% of software companies.

Cloud testing of software and applications becomes inevitable with the growth of functional and technical capabilities, right? Customers rate your products every day through AppStore, Twitter, Facebook, online communities. So, basically, a bug that affects one — affects thousands of your potential customers. Would you like to remove risk from your release process so you can focus on your company’s growth? Who wouldn’t! The software quality is critical for your company.

How does it happen in real life? One quickly realizes that software testing plays a significant role in the growth of any company offering such solutions. Others make their customers struggle with bugs, leave unpleasant feedback and as a result, they lose thousands of potential customers.

TaaS as a model imparts the enormous flexibility for a company like yours. By working with CloudQA, you pay for a particular unit of testing instead of spending tons of money on hosting the whole in-house QA team.

Before the release of the product, you have to solve all problems and reduce bugs. What you get when working with CloudQA:

  • The boosted customer satisfaction rate.
  • Ensured reliability on your product;
  • You’re out of errors & bugs;
  • Business optimization;
  • Cut costs (we’ll talk about money reduced below).

Quickly convert your end-to-end web testing process to run over 80% faster and accurate now. 

TaaS vs. traditional testing – 5:0

Scalable model via the public cloud

Utilize computing power, disk space, memory. Save more space in your office because you don’t need to store servers there and hire additional employees.


Pay only for what you use and avoid time-consuming processes – no need to have your own QA team. No major costs acquired.

Licensing benefits

The cloud manages the operating system (OS), test tools, hardware, application licenses.


Centralized test environment with a standard set of tools and processes will ensure repeatability, efficiency and quality results. Moreover, using standardized cloud testing processing and tools can yield a 10%-20% cost decrease!

Data centralization

The information for multiple projects and different branch offices are stored in one location that can be accessed from remote places.

Besides self-service SaaS-based subscription model for automated cloud testing, CloudQA also offers Testing as a Service for companies that do not have the bandwidth to carry on this essential step in their agile development process.

What we offer is that you don’t worry about any software licensing, infrastructure, expensive testing resource or steep learning curve for the testing tool & processes. Instead, they can focus on developing their software which is their area of competency.

Why CloudQA?

CloudQA has an established framework for delivering enterprise-ready testing and providing clients with the ability to take advantage of paying for what they need, when they need it, rather than investing in expensive tool sets and hosting an in-house QA team in their company. Consider these benefits when choosing whom to work with:

1.Center of Excellence – You will interact with a group of people that promote collaboration, employ software testing best practices with both tools and techniques. Since the recourses and libraries are hosted on a centralized cloud, it is much easier to collaborate and communicate.

2.Process – We adopt the industries’ best practices and methodologies that will result in higher productivity. As a result, your company gets more bang for your buck. While synchronizing tools, people and processes, our testers focus on what’s important. We keep your users in mind when working with your product!

3.Governance – We offer relationship management, QA Project management, and a centralized test environment, with standardized software library and test suites. We also provide a self-service portal which cuts downtime required to provision test environments.

4. Infrastructure – We own the automation software and even have an offshore facility for providing a cost-effective, highly scalable, and fast automated test solution. You can reduce costs easily when working with CloudQA and avoid your customers experiencing bugs and leaving bad feedback on your software.

5.Reduced costs = quick ROI. By choosing to work with CloudQA, your team can afford to focus on the product. Your customers will experience it at its best. Since the companies pay for the actual service and time taken, it helps control costs resulting in better ROI. You save 40-50% on Tools and Services. Sound good?

The CloudQA team has gained the appreciation and trust of our customers. Adopting the new technologies may sound complicated and being a pioneer ain’t an easy thing to do. However, considering all the benefits of TaaS and your customers’ satisfaction, the time to make the right decision has come.

How about we schedule a personalized demo just for you? Let us know if you’re interested. Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll be happy to provide you with more information and share onboarding assets along with a questionnaire to best assess your business needs.

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