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Benefits of Managed Testing with CloudQA

Fast track your testing process


Why you can’t ignore test planning in agile?

An agile development process seems too dynamic to have a test plan. Most organisations with agile, specially startups, don’t take the documented approach for testing. So, are they losing on something?


Selenium 4 is releasing soon: What every QA must know?

Selenium 4 version is all set to release this Christmas. Simon Stewart (founding member of Selenium) has officially announced at the recently held selenium conference at Bangalore. Some major changes in the upcoming Selenium 4 have been revealed.


What is synthetic testing?

Your website can misbehave anytime. Learn how you can use synthetic testing to watch if performance is low and correct it on-time so that your users are not affected.

Synthetic Monitoring tools

Synthetic Monitoring – why & when to use it

Website monitoring has advanced from checking for web page availability to analysing real user journeys through a website. Learn if synthetic monitoring is the right fit for you to maintain a quality digital experience.