Challenges of Manual Functional Testing

Functional test ensures that the system is functioning exactly as the USER expects it to. Manual functional tests work fine with small applications. You will face challenges with manual functional testing if

  • You have a large and complex application
  • You have frequent software updates
  • You have a critical client base that uses your application
  • You have limited resources for testing

CloudQA and Functional Test Automation

CloudQA provides a highly efficient environment to automate your functional test cases and then manage and run them with ease. Some key features that CloudQA provides in automating your test cases are:

  • Test Case discovery via "auto learning" process
  • Table data access
  • Auto suggest box
  • Variable storage of dynamic data set
  • File Upload tests
  • Data driven testing (for multiple data sets)
  • Various types of user assertions (check, check not, etc)
  • Action types - Click, Alert, Wait, Screen snapshot

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