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Agile enhancement by service virtualization
Cloud, Container, Security, UX, Agile

How could Service Virtualization enhance your Agile Testing Strategy?

How often you push your “Phone Updates” to a later date as an update install means your phone would not be available to work. Even though the updates just take a couple of minutes, but in a fast-paced world where a minute delay could mean a lot, non-availability of services for a fraction of seconds frustrate you.

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Agile Development, Agile checked
Cloud, Container, Security, UX, Agile

Here’s a Quick Way to Get Agile-Checked in 2019!

Kinkar brain was cluttered, being a technical head he was committed to delivering a project within six months, and after working for five months on a project when they were ready for first UAT, the code refused to float because of incompatibility of browsers.

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Benefits of Managed Testing with CloudQA

Fast track your testing process