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  • use synthetic monitoring for customers shopping online

    Want a flawless ecommerce website? Use Synthetic Monitoring

    No website is free from technical issues. In fact, chances are, your customers faced a glitch in the past 24 hours. This is due to the issues like poor coding, incompatible browser and delays in loading at a location. If such issues go unnoticed for a long time they can damage your sales and reputation. We’ll show how you can use Synthetic Monitoring to overcome these challenges.


  • synthetic-monitoring

    What is Synthetic Monitoring and Why use it

    Synthetic Monitoring is a simulation of user actions on a web application in order to record functional and performance metrics. The user actions can be simulated for various web browsers and geographical locations. Monitoring is then configured to run at regular intervals which enables continuous analysis.


  • Website Monitoring Tools - CloudQA

    Top Five Reasons to use Synthetic Monitoring Tool

    Our last article on Load Testing mentioned about website crash happening due to high traffic. So how does the website owner know if the website has crashed?