Here’s a Quick Way to Get Agile-Checked in 2019!

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Solve Business Problems by being Agile-Checked! Would you?

kinkar brain was cluttered, being a technical head he was committed to delivering a project within six months, and after working for five months on a project when they were ready for the first UAT, the code refused to float because of incompatibility of browsers.

Had he been Agile-Checked; he could have avoided the last-minute pressure. Seems unbelievable? Let’s run through some facts.

What is Agile Checked?

The two things that drive a business are

  1.  What Do Customers want?
  2. How Quickly can you present them with Assured Quality?

Rest all are supporting parameters like skills, logistics, monetary fund’s, etc.

Being a business owner, you do not have much control over “What customers want” as they can demand a “Trip to Moon.”But being a businessman you do have a control on how quickly you present “A Trip To Moon” with Assured Quality! That’s where Agile Manifesto AgileManifesto comes into the picture.

Being Agile-Checked is all about

  1. How frequently you push your software/application into a live site
  2. Concrete Planning with user stories and set timelines
  3. Working in smaller chunks that could be rolled back in case of issues
  4. Your Client Could view “How the Trip to Moon “is being Planned i.e. setting the expectations right!
  5. Tracking and evaluating manhour that helps in SMART planning
  6. Continuous Execution and Deployment
  7. Working as a TEAM – that involves each and keeps them motivated.
  8. Growing your business as you involve stakeholders
  9. Continuous testing that helps in improving the quality

How To Be Agile-Checked?

To be educated about SCRUM/Agile is easy as many courses and certifications could help you, but all that learning can only be put into practice when you know the “Best Practices” to be followed –

  •  Collaborate with Customers as team
  •  Review your Product Backlog before every iteration
  •  Keep it time-boxed
  •  Let business and technology be compatible
  •  Weigh each user story with three parameters – Complexity, time and Business Value
  •  Keep SCRUM short and crisp
  •  Automate testing
  •  Have strict programming guidelines or go for pair programming
  •  Adopt to Test Driven Development
  •  Let the Burndown charts not burn your skills
  •  Package your code as a gift that is easy to deploy and ready to use
  •  Let the Sprint demo meeting be as the code is going LIVE
  •  The best communication is through speech
  •  Change is welcome, be adaptive

Does Agile-Checked Help Me to Deliver Quality?

The short Answer is Absolutely YES, and the long answer is let me explain with an example.

Koovy, the head of the development team, is working on the new product that needs to be delivered within six months, they bagged this project because they bid less time against their competitors. So now Sales team has done their job it’s time for the Tech-heads to prove themselves. Let’s compare the three models under different parameters –

Parameter/Model Waterfall V-Model Agile
Revenue ☑ ☑
Speed-To-Market ☑☑
Quality ☑ ☑☑ ☑☑☑
Visibility ☑☑
Risk Management ☑☑
Flexibility ☑☑☑
Cost Control ☑ ☑☑
Customer Satisfaction ☑ ☑ ☑☑☑
Business Engagement ☑ ☑ ☑☑☑
Expected Met Actual ☑ ☑☑ ☑☑☑
Rigid ☑ ☑
Defined Requirements ☑ ☑

If we pick a Waterfall, model –

It could be risky, as considering we devote 4.5 months to designing, developing and unit testing we would need another months’ time to test and fix the bugs, now if there are any changes to the code or design changes that would not have enough time to set. So, could lead to uncertainty!

If we Pick V-Model –

With flexible requirements, V-model could prove to be a timely affair, as the verification and validation happen in parallel, any change would also need to be reworked. Just for example if there is a change in the login screen, the parallel task of user manual also needs to be redone, and as we have limited time, this model may not prove to be effective.

If We Pick Agile- Methodology-

If we structure the work and divide it into deliverable modules, we could complete the work within the estimated time, would be ready for any surprises and clients could review the work in parallel, helping them to know what’s being cooked and if it matches their expectations.

Well, there are no clear ground rules defined as which methodology should be picked up under which circumstances, however with ever-evolving technology it’s highly recommended to be adaptive to changes and mark your application/software as Agile-Checked. Would you?


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