Top Five Reasons Why Testers Need to Be “Ethical Hackers” To Stop threats like WannaCry

Cyber threats and data security are one of the first concern of any firm. As an organization, what do you do to save yourselves from cyber threat? Firewalls? Anti-virus? Or Setting up processes and educating employees? Hiring a security firm to audit your processes and conduct penetration testing?  What else could be done to prevent Black Hat Hackers?

Have you ever thought of asking your QA team to explore the vulnerabilities of your system in an ethical manner?

We @CloudQA give you top five reasons to do so –

Quality Assurance


When an in-house team is available to extend their roles, which would be more cost-effective than hiring a security agency to perform the same function.

Continuous Testing

Once the internal QA team is equipped with the checklist, the checks or penetration testing could be scheduled at regular intervals making it a continuous process, thereby enhancing the quality of the product.

Access Provided to in-house teams only

The data, servers, infrastructure would only be accessed by the in-house team making it leak-proof. In the case of any data theft or damage, the person could be tracked easily as who caused it.

In-house Testers/Hackers Means Long Commitments

Being in the same environment like yours, one would understand the criticality of a product. Hence he/she may devote much time and energy to discover the loopholes.

In-House Team means better Stability and Back-up

An organization backed up with a skilled team set is a solid foundation for stakeholders. Just imagine a technical breach, and with the in-house team, you could get it resolved faster then, looking for outside help.

Testers could explore new skills

While manual testers are going through the tough time saving their job, it’s time for them to add some new skill set to their profile. Test Automation is on top of the list amongst the skillset, how about adding ethical hacking? With Ethical hacking added onto your resume, who knows if you could trace down one of the biggest loopholes in a system.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoTs are knocking the doors of every firm, making it more complicated for a layman but much easier for a Black or Grey Hat hacker to get in. You can keep guards and surveillance to watch for, but do you know the big hole inside your house that could let thieves in? So, get your QA team ready and let them explore the house as Ethical Hackers performing penetration testing and stop the threats like WannaCryRedOctoberWiper,Shamoon.



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