Test Automation as a Service

Expert test automation with guaranteed ROI

Finally! Test automation as a service that gives predictable ROI in weeks, not months. Designed for agile teams for who quality matters.

Complete all your test automation projects

Work directly with your CloudQA expert

Who can benefit from Test Automation as a Service

Companies that

How it works

1. You send your request

Go through your application as you would normally would and save it as an automated test with CloudQA chrome extension.

Submit your request anytime while logged in to CloudQA application.

Optionally, describe what you would like to achieve out of this test

Prioritize Changes
Identify Bugs

2. We go to work

Your dedicated CloudQA expert will receive your test case request and creates automated regression tests out of them.  You work and communicate directly with your experienced CloudQA engineer. 

Automated tests can then be run in different browsers, resolutions and data sets.

3. You get your scripts

You receive daily updates and completely own the CloudQA automated  scripts we create for you.  CloudQA can even schedule the tests to run on your behalf and send you reports.

Schedule 100s of tests in parallel or invoke them in your CI/CD setup. Valid defects are logged automatically.

Reuse the same tests for synthetic monitoring and load testing



How do you benefit from Test Automation as a Service

Get the scale, speed & accuracy for your web tests

CloudQA automated test robots are programmed to follow rules – they never get tired or make mistakes and work at all times.  You can even run tests in parallel to speed up the testing.

Immense savings in time and cost

Reduce your test related costs by over 80% and finish testing in fraction of the time it takes now.  

Your tests are run on a powerful & secure CloudQA platform.  Get the huge infrastructure cost savings related to setup and ongoing maintenance.

Flat rate pricing

Starting at
$999 / month


15 day money back guarantee

Regression Testing

Unlimited automated test requests


Dedicated CloudQA expert


< 1 day turnaround

Proven results from the businesses across the world

Thanks a lot for all the effort and help provided to us for setting up our test suites in CloudQA platform. Turn around time for all the requests raised has also been fantastic. We appreciate all the effort by you and the support team!!!
Suhas K
We find cloudQA to be very consistent in its test execution. Your support team is very helpful and are very quick to respond to our questions. Thanks for incorporating many of our feedbacks and feature suggestions into your development pipeline.
Vivek Ramani

Deliver Quality at Speed