Top five reasons to consider TruMonitor

TruMonitor Synthetic Monitoring

1  Data-driven synthetic monitoring

2  Minimal set up requirements

3  Works with modern web technologies

4  Low maintenance 

Precise user step level performance details

Why TruMonitor is perfect for you

Business Executive

Glitches and sluggish performance not only cause loss of users but also bring bad reputation to the brand.

TruMonitor is the most comprehensive tool to keep bad user experience on check. You can take swift actions before issues affect the users.

IT Expert

Spend minimal effort on set up and maintenance. No need to disturb your current tech stack. All the required web monitoring infrastructure is on CloudQA.

Sit back and relax while TruMonitor holds up the Uptime and SLA requirements.

Do you have complex user flows with multiple steps?  No worries – TruMonitor will allow you to set up the complex multi-step user flows for monitoring in minutes

Does your application change frequently?  Monitoring user flows for applications that go through frequent version upgrades can generate a lot of false positives.  TruMonitor allows you to adapt to software changes very quickly without going through a lengthy user flow recreation process

Do you have 100’s of critical user flows to monitor?  You don’t have to be restricted by what all you can monitor. Creating, managing and monitoring multiple user-flows is a breeze with TruMonitor

Want to monitor your website with different data sets?  TruMonitor’s data-driven technology will allow you to monitor your user flows with different data sets with no effort

Need real-time alerts with all the details?  TruMonitor’s has easy integration with multiple 3rd party alerting tools. You can view step level details with screenshots for every user flow.

Effortless Maintenance

Edit any step in the user journey after recording them. Change workflow steps simply via drag-and-drop feature. Add/modify/delete any step in user journey by click of a button. No other monitoring tool has this capability.

Complicated Transaction Support

Customers switch to CloudQA because they have issues testing their transactions with other tools. For example, consider monitoring a 90 step online insurance purchase journey that requires numerous data variations – you cannot achieve this via any other monitoring tool.

Multiple Real Browser Monitors

TruMonitor real browser technology enables monitoring with Chrome, Firefox or IE. Other monitoring tools don’t give you a choice. Performance metrics from different browsers, will provide you with a complete picture of usability and performance of your application.

REST APIs & User Journey

Your API needs to be up & running seamlessly 24/7, and TruMonitor can help!  Keep micro services online all the time, even when you’re not around. Chain multiple data dependent API calls with user journey & monitor them together. 

If you want to catch and correct issues as soon as possible

TruMonitor can start finding issues from day one.

 It is the fastest way of increasing the coverage of monitoring on your web application.

If you can't have a detected administration for web monitoring

TruMonitor doesn’t require any coding skills.

Building user workflows is as easy as navigating through a website.

You can start advanced web monitoring with existing resources.

If you need comphrehensive monitoring on your web application

Unlike other tools TruMonitor can use dynamic data inputs.

You can monitor with various geographical locations.