Five business problems you could solve with automation testing

Automation is now a phenomenon! One click booking, Auto-filters, interconnected and automated appliances,etc. are now anessential part of our living. While consumers enjoy automation to ease their stressful life, test automation could offer peace of mind to many founders and CXO’s of the firms.  While many believe test automation is to make a QA person life simpler, it also extends its advantages to other stakeholders. Need to know how? Let’s explore –

Test Automation

Business Problem 1: Need Quick Releases

We are living in an Agile Age, where “Agile, agile development, agile delivery and agile process” are the terms to sustain. Many firms pick Automation for one simple reason that it could blend with Agile process seamlessly. So if you are looking for quick –

  1. New Features rollout
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Testing cycle
  4. Deployment to all environments
  5. Stable build with dependency list

Then Automation could help you. Here are some facts –

  • Test Automation contributes to cut out the regression test execution time
  • Test Automation, when used with build & deployment tools, could provide you with daily builds [inclusive of dependency list] and deploy it in all environment like QA, UAT, etc

Business Problem 2: Save Cost

In a test automation survey report done by Test Magazine in partnership with SoftwareTestingNews, firms witnessed a  return on their test automation investment

  • Immediately (24%)
  • Within the first six months (24%).
  • The remainder saw a result within 6‑12 months (28%) or after one year (15%).
  • Only 9% reported never getting an ROI

And if you are keen to know how ROI on your test automation suite, please refer to our blogpost here.

Business Problem 3: Security

With test scenarios like Disaster recovery, contingency plan, Security testing and recognizing data patterns for possible threats, test automation is helping many firms in delivering secured and safe solutions.  While test automation could be helpful in running test scenarios for authentication, confidentiality, authorization, integrity, resilience, and availability of website/product. It also ensures that a continuous scanning of logs happens to recognize any vulnerabilities like unauthorized access or repetitive login from suspicious IP address.

Business Problem 4: Integration and Simulation

Technologies like cloud computing, containerization, virtualization, and microservices have made easy for QA to setup and managed an application under test [AUT]. These technologies provide flexibility and instant setup of a complex test environment at every stage of a lifecycle. The test environment is much similar to the real environment and could be accessed from any location making it easier for tech enthusiast to test from anywhere anytime.

Business Problem 5: Quick Turnaround with structured and automated Reporting

With multiple scenarios and test runs, it gets messy to get a clear picture of where is the bottleneck? Test Automation with formal reporting helps you see these gray areas and get it rectified quickly.

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