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The Easiest & The most powerful tool for automated testing of Modern Web Applications

CloudQA has out-of-the-box support for complex web apps developed using JS frameworks like Angular, Ember, React, Backbone, Knockout, Express, ++ 

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Why should you use CloudQA for test automation?


  • Automatic waits for dynamic and asynchronous elements
  • Smart CSS selector algorithm for elements with changing IDs
  • Consistency in test execution by dockerized environments
  • No more test-labs, get out of the box Selenium infrastructure
  • Quick transition from Manual to Automated testing
  • Higher returns from day one

Single Page Applications can be tough to test

Single page web applications are popular for their ability to improve the user experience. Except, test automation can be difficult and time-consuming. We’ll discuss how you can have a steady quality control without burning time and effort.

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High Level Features

  • Smart Record & Playback testing with Screenshots
  • Performance monitoring metrics for workflows
  • Schedule your tests to run unattended
  • Detailed test reporting
  • Advanced alering
  • Data driven testing
  • Real browser support - Chrome & Firefox
  • API Testing
  • Out of the box 3rd party integrations
  • Reuse test cases

5 reasons you should consider CloudQA

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Why you cannot rely on Selenium alone

What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

We really appreciate the simplicity of testing with CloudQA. We are glad that you have made test automation fast and elegant
Saravanan P
Vice President, PropGod
Your approach to testing is really effective. We were able to uncover issues in our application in hours that we did not even detect for weeks. Thanks a lot
Ashish Abrol
CloudQA is super simple software for testing websites and applications. I am proud to be one of the first few clients of such an amazing product. Even new recruits in my testing team learned it in no time. Awesome product, diligent team and great support. All the best!
Mahesh Soni
Founder, TopNotepad

5 reasons to consider CloudQA

1. Completely Integrated QA Platform

Easy Integration

Unified Platform

  • Reusable functional tests for load testing
  • Reusable functional tests for synthetic monitoring
  • Comparison and regression analysis
  • Same script for multiple browsers

Integration with 3rd party tools

  • Integration with reporting tools
  • Source control systems integration
  • Integration with test case management systems
  • Bug tracking systems integration
  • Project management system integration
  • Build/CI server integration

Complete QA Lifecycle Support

  • Extensible reports
  • Detailed logging
  • Test management
  • Continuous delivery support
  • DevOps support
  • Image comparison
  • Real time analysis
  • Real time monitoring

Complete QA Lifecycle Support

  • Test configuration & scheduling
  • Applications management
  • Availability management
  • Availability reporting
  • Event reporting
  • Email notification service
  • Integrated reporting manager
  • Web dashboard
  • Reporting engine and analytics
  • Reports publishing
  • Performance trend reporting
  • Scheduled report generation
  • Export reports to multiple formats
  • 1 year data storage
  • SMS notification
  • Critical quality trends reports
  • Real Page/Browser view
  • HTML (Response) view
  • Performance metrics
  • Performance monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Test scheduler

2. Fast & Easy Setup and Deployment

Web Apps

Codeless Automation

  • Codeless automation test setup
  • MIX execution
  • Pause load test execution
  • Reuse tests on multiple test environments
  • Page elements/DOM access
  • Tests reuse

Rapid Codeless Support for Web Development Tools

  • Popular Javascripts (e.g. - Angular, React, Ember, Knockout, etc.)
  • Popular Dev Frameworks (e.g. - Java, .Net, Python, DevRxpress, etc.)
  • Popular CMS/CRM/ERP

Cloud Based

  • Cloud-based deployment
  • Team collaboration
  • Out-of-the-box report distribution and sharing
  • Cloud based concurrent user Load Testing

Zero to little learning curve

  • Complex response validation
  • Quick script editor
  • Conditional logic
  • Impact Analysis
  • Easy to use UI (Auto-Record Workflow)
  • No duplication of critical assets
  • Screenshot for every step

Supports testers of all skills

  • Supports non-developers & developers
  • Built-in scroll actions
  • Multiple verifications
  • Keyword driven step creation
  • User experience monitoring
  • Familiar user environment

3. Optimized for Web applications

Easy Integration

Broad Technology Coverage

  • Web site and web application support
  • Javascript support
  • Custom UI controls
  • Scripting / Coding
  • API testing
  • Dialogue handling (New Window, New Tab, Modal)
  • Desktop commands
  • Nested elements
  • Data encryption
  • Protocol support
  • Automated cookie management
  • Caching
  • Test Execution on Windows/Linux
  • Full HTTP headers view

Data Driven Testing

  • Data correlation of dynamic values
  • Parameterization

Extended Test Coding

  • Extend recorded tests with code

Smart AJAX Syncrhonization

  • Automatic waiting for AJAX and Pageloads

4. MOST Comprehensive and FASTEST Testing

Continuous Deployment

Most powerful test recorder

  • Smart resilient accessors/locators
  • Playback reliability
  • Built-in page element identification
  • Built-in DOM explorer

Measure and track real user experience

  • Real user data
  • Real time view of all performance measurements
  • Load testing in Real Browsers
  • Monitoring in Real Browsers

API Extensibility

  • API invocation from an automated test

Support for Open Source Tools

  • Export to Selenium
  • Export to JMeter JMX

Elastic Scalability with Fast Parallel Testing

  • Auto scale based on test executions
  • Distributed execution/Execution agents
  • Multi-tenancy Supported
  • Architectural high availability
  • Elastic scalability
  • Fast execution
  • Out-of-the-box failover capabilities
  • Distributed load tests

5. Price Performance LEADER


Infrastructure Requirements

  • Test from anywhere
  • No test lab on-premise

Consumption based pricing model

  • Subscription licensing
  • SaaS Platform
  • On-premise solution available
  • Flexible per-node licensing
  • Hybrid deployment packages
  • Annual plans available

Expert level (tier 2,3) support in first call

  • On-demand inhouse testing experts
  • Expert level (tier 2,3) support on first call
  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Extensive help documentation
  • Implementation assistance
  • Adoption training

Case Study

Health Care

Continuous Automation Case Study

A leading national government healthcare client in the US. Four applications to be automated related to Cancer, Pediatric match, Adult match, and Cancer gene expression analysis tool. All the regression testing was being done manually.

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