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What your users may never tell you

What your users may never tell you

500 Error

Unexpected status codes

Frequent updates without a sound testing can leave your web app vulnerable to unexpected page errors like 404, 403, 500, 502, 503.

404 1

Functional errors

Poor coding will result in functional errors that can go undetected during manual tests like incorrect search results, accepting invalid data input.


Long loading times

Server-side issues or coding inefficiencies are a common cause for sluggish performance. Pages take long time to load or sometimes even time out.

TruMonitor delivers what other monitoring tools cannot

Effortless Maintenance

Edit any step in the user journey after recording them. Change workflow steps simply via drag-and-drop feature. Add/modify/delete any step in user journey by click of a button. No other monitoring tool has this capability.  This can save you hours.

Complicated Transaction Support

Customers switch to CloudQA because they have issues monitoring their transactions with other tools. For example, consider monitoring a 90 step online insurance purchase journey that requires numerous data variations – you cannot achieve this via any other monitoring tool.

Multiple Real Browser Monitors

TruMonitor real browser technology enables monitoring with Chrome and Firefox. Other monitoring tools don’t give you a choice. Performance metrics from different browsers will provide you with a complete picture of usability and performance of your application.

REST APIs & User Journey

Your API needs to be up & running seamlessly 24×7, and TruMonitor can help!  Keep micro services online all the time, even when you’re not around. Chain multiple data dependent API calls with user journey & monitor them together.  Other monitoring tools don’t even come close to this level of monitoring

Support for complex web applications

Modern web applications are complex and beyond the capability of a basic web application monitoring tools. For example, web application based on AngularJS are difficult to monitor because their of dynamic web element loading capabilities. TruMonitor is the only tool with a robust engine that can handle such complex interactions.

Advanced screenshot features

Most monitoring tools only give screenshot of the web page monitored. A user has to navigate to the web page with issues and compare it with the screenshot by the tool. With TruMonitor a detailed comparison is readily available, you can compare screenshot of a web page with issue to its ideal version. This greatly reduces time and hassle in spotting glitches.

Advanced features. Comprehensive service.


Monitor all the locations around the world that bring the most traffic and revenue to your website


Get a sharable and interactive report with metrics that matter the most.


Customizable alerts for glitches and performance issues. Connect with options like SMS, email, Slack, PagerDuty, and many more.

Issue drill down

Drill down on glitches and performance issues with detailed information at every step.

Minimize false positives

Our monitoring execution engine is resistant to false positives due to features like retrial of monitoring, automatic waits and robust CSS selectors.

Monitoring Infrastructure

Get robust cloud-based infrastructure for minimum maintenance. On-premise options are available on request.  


Select frequency for monitoring from a choice of 5, 10, and 15, 30 and 60 minutes.


Get a dedicated support assistant for any issues. It includes product onboarding, live chat, call and email support available 8 Hours / 5 Working Days.



$ 59 /Month
  • Upto 3 Test Recorder Workflows
  • 15 minute check interval
  • Email notification


$ 149 /Month
  • Upto 10 Test Recorder Workflows
  • 10 minute check interval
  • Email + SMS notification
  • Monitor password protected pages


$ 399 /Month
  • Upto 15 Test Recorder Workflows
  • 5 minute check interval
  • Email + SMS notification
  • Monitor password protected pages
  • Zapier integrations for notification

Enhance User Experience

Monitor the behavior of your web application proactively

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