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Next Level Site Monitoring with REAL workflows

  • Be at ease with the full knowledge of your system's status
  • Easy setup and guided configuration to be running day one
  • Analyze workflows simulating a complete customer journey
  • Save time and money with our unbeatable pricing

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24x7 Site Monitoring with REAL workflows and browsers

What is TruMonitor?

A cloud based synthetic site monitoring tool for your web applications that monitors application performance and availability anytime from around the world.  TruMonitor uses  intelligent cloud agents to analyze multi-page workflows simulating a complete customer journey and alerts you whenever performance metrics exceed baselines.


Easy to setup workflow creator

Create complex functional workflow scripts in minutes and immediately use them for continuous monitoring.

Execution Optimization

Proactively monitor application behavior

Monitor critical workflows of your application.

Data Driven

Regional monitoring solution

Setup monitoring from different regions around the world.


Real-time reporting and alerts

Analysis of bottlenecks by time of the day & week. Identify performance patterns of different workflows.

Render Time

Measure render time

Unlike virtual browser load testing, with real browsers you can measure how long it takes for a user to see an entire page, or a particular element on a page.

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Manage false alarms

Rest easy at night and avoid the spurious 2 a.m false alerts

Retest instantly on error conditions to eliminate erroneous results

Simulate think time

Simulate think time

The time users spend reading pages or inputing data is automatically configured during real browser recordings. During monitoring the browser will pause to simulate user actions like reading the page.


Support for WebDriver

Drive your monitoring via the latest standard WebDriver protocols for generating requests from real browsers


Get real user experience

Measure and track end user experience as perceived by your customers, not some proxy metric

FEATURE Overview

  • Cloud-based setup that is simple and gets you operational in minutes
  • Setup complex functional tests without coding in minutes
  • Re-use functional scripts for multiple tests - huge saving in QA time & effort
  • Complete control over worlkflow scripts and think time
  • 24 x 7 synthetic monitoring with real browsers
  • Multiple browser support
  • Take advantage of globally distributed sites to make observations from locations that matter for your business
  • No waiting for the next scheduled test window to see if an error is persistent or anomalous
  • Distributed cloud based agent generated measurements of your web site independent of and even in the absence of real-user traffic
  • Setup monitoring from multiple locations worldwide
  • Schedule your monitoring frequency to as low as 5 minutes apart
  • No expensive licensing or long term commitments