Codeless Automation

Recently when we were hit by a query from a start-up firm looking for TAAS, we gratefully acknowledge them. But when they replied asking us – We do not follow Agile, would codeless automation fit our strategy? At that very moment, we thought of coming up with this post –

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Test Data Management Tools

While availing Testing-as-a-service[#TaaS], benefits like Cost Reduction and Revenue Optimization seemed obvious but did you double check if the package is inclusive of #Test Data Management? With Big Data the buzzword these days, we often sideline the test #data management, in fact, experts believe that an effective Test Data Management could increase the quality of

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Testing As A Service

What is Testing as a Service ( TaaS )?

#Testing as a Service (#TaaS) As enterprises rush to meet the evolving, customer focused, multi-interface, and technologically complex solutions, software quality and time to market becomes a critical need. As a result software testing plays an important role in the growth of an enterprise offering such solutions. However surging costs, high security environments, and software

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