Continuous check on the status of your site


    Any well maintained website will know the value of a well-monitored platform. We, at CloudQA, realize the value of this, and have incorporated it into our easy-to-use, easy-to- maintain and economical application. Now, you can set up website monitoring on your site. You can safely, and efficiently test the reliability of your website with only a few clicks on your screen! Measure uptime of your site, and track issues over time. Get status reports and be proactive to ensure that your site is always up.
  • Synthetic Monitoring Answers Following Key Questions

    Is my website up?
    How fast is my site at this moment?
    Are transactions working?
    Are 3rd Part components still operating?
    How cost effective is my performance?
    If there is a slow down or failure: where is it?
  • How CloudQA does it?

    - Simulate web visits to resolve problems before they could affect your customers.
    - Measure entire multi-page workflows simulating a complete customer journey including form data submission and user-actions via Selenium based scripting of tests
    - Proactively ensure application performance and availability anytime from around the world with browser synthetic monitoring. Use our intelligent cloud agents to monitor business transaction performance from browser to establish performance baselines.
    - Measure and track end user experience as perceived by your customers, not some proxy metric, with full resource waterfalls and page performance load times from the browser timing and navigation APIs
    - Take advantage of globally distributed sites to make observations from locations that matter for your business
    - Monitor the detailed performance results of each job with rich metrics for analysis and troubleshooting

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