Case Study

Pluto Health Case Study


Pluto Health is bridging siloed health data with patient care. They aim to address gaps in care all while having strong convictions for patient privacy and data ownership.
Pluto Health has the ability to access networks that account for over 300 million patient records, bring that together for people in minutes, and do our part to make actionable steps in addressing health care gaps and disparities.
They have multiple applications with different environments which manages a lot of private data pertaining to patients and hospitals


Pluto Health has different applications for the Department of Health. These applications required more than 250+ test cases. Pluto Health delivers development, operations, maintenance, and enhancement support for these applications as well as ongoing regression testing on these systems.
The project encompassed 6 applications. Some of the test servers for these projects were available over the Internet, while others were not. They need to run at least 500 regression test cases over all in different environments together and achieving this manually is a nightmare for testing team.
It was critical for the Pluto Health team to have a cost-effective solution that was easy to install and configure, scaled out of the box, provided cross-browser and cross-environment testing, and did not require any knowledge of coding or scripting.


CloudQA is a cost-effective solution that could grow easily as Pluto Health needs evolved. The convenience of Testing as a Service (TaaS), with no installation necessary, no coding, maintenance of tests and seamless upgrades. CloudQA is a fully automated testing tool which offered  combinations like different browsers Testing, API Testing, Regression Testing and Data-driven testing out-of-the-box.


Pluto Health team has walked us through their Applications, different Environments and Release Cycles.
  • CloudQA has segregated the tests into
    • API Tests
    • Functional Feature Tests
    • End to End Tests
    • Negative Tests
  • Each application had close to 70 automated tests which are configured to run on 2 Environments.
  • All the 280 tests run regularly on DEV Environment and alternate days in STAGE Environment.
  • The tests would take approximately 2 hrs to run and all the results will be immediately posted to their Slack channel and Confluence page in Atlassian for Business and Dev Teams reference.
  • Failures due to Pluto Health application issues: All the errors in Pluto health application are analysed and replorted to Pluto team before they arrive which saves lot of time for their team.
  • Failures due to Pluto Health application changes: As Pluto Health is continuously evolving application, changes and enhancements are quite evident. It takes 1-2hrs to fix the tests depending on the change. We also add more tests as the features are added.
  • CloudQA has also setup negative tests for both API and functional automated tests which tests the application every possible way.
  • CloudQA also integrated with Pluto Health AWS CI/CD pipeline where tests are invoked before the deployment to check sanity of the application


After an initial investment of time to create a library of repeatable test cases, the team observed dramatic increases in the speed with which they could fully regression test applications and get , them out into production. Production level defects went down significantly, which they attributed to test automation. Pluto Health has reported savings in testing resources and enhanced ability to pursue new client opportunities.

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