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    Pros and Cons of the best open source web testing tools

    Often teams choose an automation tool in a hurry without going into details of its pros and cons. The tool may not be comprehensive enough to satisfy all the testing needs of the application. Even if the best tools are selected they may not integrate smoothly into the QA process. We have highlighted pros and...
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    SaaS Testing: Basics and How Codeless Automated Testing Helps

    SaaS or Software as a Service model is increasingly becoming popular. Thanks to its features like – quick deployment, reduced dependency on internal systems, an increase in availability, reliability of resource and most importantly low upfront costs, it serves as the best choice. However, looking at the flip side, the companies are under immense pr...
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    CI/CD Best Practices

    CI/CD Pipeline: Best practices for optimizing the process

    Agile methodologies teach breaking down of software development into smaller tasks known as “User Stories”. This has enabled early feedbacks which are useful for aligning the features with market needs. With the widespread adoption of agile practices, teams are able to deliver functional software in smaller iterations....
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    why automate functional testing of web application

    Why you must automate functional testing of web application?

    When you have a commercial web application, you are always challenged to remain competitive.  You are constantly under pressure to rollout new features for your clients. While software developers have adopted agile methodologies to speed up software release cycles, this  process can leave your web application vulnerable to bugs. In such case, to wh...
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    RPA Test Automation

    Robotic Process Automation [RPA], Test Automation – Myths and Facts

    Is RPA a testing tool? Is Test Automation similar to RPA? Could Selenium be used for RPA? Does a Robot do RPA execution? How could RPA be utilized in testing? With RPA evolving could testers lose their job? Is RPA based on Agile? To answer all such questions, we’ve come up with a post to...
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    Automation Testing

    Key Ingredients of Automation Test Lifecycle [ ATLC]

    Where do we fit the Automation into our SDLC was one of the questions raised by a prospective client? Do you have the same impression? Many of us believe automation to be simply a part of QA phase of the SDLC, but to achieve the desired results automation must follow the complete cycle of its...
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    Test Automation

    Five business problems you could solve with automation testing

    Automation is now a phenomenon! One click booking, Auto-filters, interconnected and automated appliances,etc. are now anessential part of our living. While consumers enjoy automation to ease their stressful life, test automation could offer peace of mind to many founders and CXO’s of the firms.  While many believe test automation is to make a QA pe...
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    Test Automation

    What is the ROI of your test automation?

    Test Automation is a strategic decision influenced by myths and facts. However, firms need to understand any test automation is an investment, which has its assumptions and a strategy, stressing the need to measure the ROI. But what are the factors that influence ROI? Are there any assumptions? Is there a formula to devise? Are...
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    Predictive Analysis in Quality Assurance

    Why is Predictive Analysis an Emerging Trend in QA?

    What kind of QA person are you? Reactive or Proactive? Let’s take a quiz to find out; please answer YES/NO to each of the questions below – Do you start QA cycle only when the code is available in QA? Do you review your code after every stage of the SDLC? Do you log bugs...
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    Artificial Intelligence

    Could AI/Machine Learning stop attacks like Petya, NOPetya, WannaCry?

    WannaCry, Petya/NOPetya cyberattacks, cybercrime, ransomware cyberthreats, virus are some of the buzzwords that were at its peak till last week as shown on Google trends. While some experts are predicting this a role play for something “BIG” to come, the firms, government, institutions, organizations, hospitals are looking for measures to protect t...
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    API Testing, API Testing Automation

    Why is it Critical to Check Security during API Testing?

    The $13.7 billion acquisition of the Whole Foods Market by Amazon is shaping a dynamic platform that channels diverse services and processes. By leveraging Cloud and APIs, Amazon is offering technologies and process innovations beyond the confines of the organizations. Digital connectivity and new age technology trends is amplifying the significanc...
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    Cloud Based Testing

    Benefits of Cloud based Testing

    The application developments are very dynamic. Companies are launching new applications; roll out the versions in very short times. This is the constant challenge that most companies face. As the new versions of applications, create capabilities to expand your application, it’s imperative to test your app quickly over an ever expanding variety of d...
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    User Experience

    CloudQA – Why User Experience is of utmost Priority to Deliver Quality

    As a product based firm CloudQA often in its demo sessions is hit by a query – How do you assure quality to the digital audience each time? Our answer is simple – We value user experience more than the code.  Our testing approach is user-centric, and if research shows users are deviating from the...
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    Quality Assurance

    Top Five Reasons Why Testers Need to Be “Ethical Hackers” To Stop threats like WannaCry

    Cyber threats and data security are one of the first concern of any firm. As an organization, what do you do to save yourselves from cyber threat? Firewalls? Anti-virus? Or Setting up processes and educating employees? Hiring a security firm to audit your processes and conduct penetration testing?  What else could be done to prevent...
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    Website Monitoring Tools - CloudQA

    Top Five Reasons to use Synthetic Monitoring Tool

    Our last article on Load Testing mentioned about website crash happening due to high traffic. So how does the website owner know if the website has crashed? Thanks to different techniques of Application Performance Monitoring[APM] such issues could either be reported in Real-time or may not even surface because of Synthetic/Active monitoring. Our c...
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    Load Testing

    How to do load testing with CloudQA?

    Quite recently when “Move to Canada” was a trending term, Canada’s immigration website crashed. Not long ago, in India, during peak hours the rail booking site used to crash every day. In 2015, retailers had a tough time on Black Friday and Cyber Mondays when most of the retail websites crashed. The above instances reflect...
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    Codeless Automation

    Is Codeless Automation dependent on the Agile framework?

    Recently when we were hit by a query from a start-up firm looking for TAAS, we gratefully acknowledge them. But when they replied asking us – We do not follow Agile, would codeless automation fit our strategy? At that very moment, we thought of coming up with this post –...
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    Test Data Management Tools

    Test Data Management – An Integral Part of Testing-as-a-service

    While availing Testing-as-a-service[#TaaS], benefits like Cost Reduction and Revenue Optimization seemed obvious but did you double check if the package is inclusive of #Test Data Management? With Big Data the buzzword these days, we often sideline the test #data management, in fact, experts believe that an effective Test Data Management could incr...
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    Container Management Platform

    Container Management Platform and Cloud Computing – Are they Made for Each other?

    Report from Forrester highlights an interesting fact of how an enterprise may go away with using large, complex, and costly private cloud software suites. In fact, the enterprises may revisit their cloud strategy and look for alternatives that include and integrate PaaS capabilities, cloud management, and container support. If you haven’t noticed i...
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    Mobile Website Testing

    Software Tools To Test Mobile Websites and Websites on Mobile

    Compatibility is in demand in modern times! A windows phone although was a high performer but would not run Android Apps, a software that does not support Linux, or a web page that does load with IE are evidently incompatible in current times. The tech-driven world needs to stay connected and should work seamlessly on...
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    Docker Vs Kubernetes

    The World of Docker and Kubernetes – Could it help in Service Virtualization?

    Cloud Computing with its offering of “Platform as a service [PaaS]” has helped “Testing as a service[TaaS],” but could you move a running application from one VM to other? Sounds bit dicey but that’s how the #Docker and #Kubernetes could help in deploying containers inside a cluster and making each container as a standalone application...
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    Agile enhancement by service virtualization

    How could Service Virtualization enhance your Agile Testing Strategy?

    How often you push your “Phone Updates” to a later date as an update install means your phone would not be available to work. Even though the updates just take a couple of minutes, but in a fast-paced world where a minute delay could mean a lot, non-availability of services for a fraction of seconds...
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    Continuous Agile Testing

    Continuous Testing and Cloud are essential part of any Agile Team

    A flowing river or a growing plant are all viewed with positivity and respect! Same applies to the software’s and technology, the one whose updates are stalled, start losing their existence. Is anyone using Windows XP? Or a Nokia Phone? Or any of your neighbor who has a CRT Television? Continuity is Life! To support...
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    Continuous Testing

    Need To Know the Best Practices For Continuous Agile Testing

    Need To Know the Best Practices For #Continuous Agile #Testing The Delivery Manager approached the QA Head – When do you stop testing? The Head replied – We never stop testing, it should be continuous we may put a ‘,’ to pause for a while but make sure to pick it again to near perfection....
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    Selenium Automation

    Why Selenium is the “Best Open Source Tool” for Automation Testing

    Technology has provided us with options, but most of the options are not sustainable! They live for a shorter duration and then turn to history! Today technology needs to be unlimited, unconditional, Adaptive to change and seamless, could you think of any tools/technologies that are progressive and stable for more than a decade? We have…...

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